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University of Western Kordofan

Western Kordofan is situated in central Sudan, Africa between Darfur in the west and the White Nile River in the east. It is considered a state of the Republic of Sudan and has a population of about eight-hundred thousand, some inhabitants of which are considered nomads. The region is sometimes referred to as Gharb Kurduf?n and the capital of the state is Al Fula. Both the state and the Republic are responsible for education and scientific research. And here is where you find the University of Western Kordofan, also known as Jameat Gareb Kordofan. Its Arabic name is jameat garab kordofan.

University of Western Kordofan, an institute of higher education founded by constitutional decree in 1997, began official courses on October 17, 1998, and offers instruction in both Arabic and English. It is composed of eight different faculties including Economics and Community Development, Education, Institute for Mural Studies and Community Development, Islamic Studies and Arabic, Medicine and Health Sciences, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Petroleum and Underground Water, as well as Shari'a Law. Not all faculties and programs are on the same campus, as some are setup in different cities throughout Kordofan including Khartoum, Babanusa, Balnhod, Abozbd and Al Fula.

Some of the departments and programs offered at the University of Western Kordofan are:

Admission requirements include the Sudan School Certificate, but the university does allow mature students under special circumstances. The university is a member in good standing of the Association of African Universities (AAU). It is also listed as a qualified medical school in Sudan. An example of some of the Technical Diplomas that students can receive are Computer Science and Technology, Business Administration, Accounting, Community Development, English, Technical Advocacy and Religious Guidance, Shari'a and Law, Adult Education, and Technical Education and Kindergarten. Typically these diploma programs run for three years. PhDs and Masters degrees are also offered in various studies.

Although resources tend to be limited at all Sudanese universities, the University of Western Kordofan does have a computer lab and a number of libraries. It participates in local, social events and recently, in July 2010, hosted the University of Western Kordofan Carnival as a display to support national unity. The university also grows important fruit orchards at the Faculty of Agriculture from which research is conducted.

Finally, some of the people that may be known throughout Sudan that have been associated with the University in some way.

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